Master Planning

The scope of an urban master plan can range from strategic planning at a regional scale, to small-scale groups of buildings. The plan describes and maps an overall development concept, including present and future land use, urban design and landscaping, built form, infrastructure, circulation, utilities, housing, recreation and service provision. It is based upon a community’s goals and aspirations in terms of property development and it is intended to provide a structured approach to creating a clear and consistent framework for development. A master plan also includes three-dimensional images.

Nexrock has participated in many of our clients’ master plan endeavors, helping them achieve their vision for their future developments. For example, for the town of Milton, we designed, with the cooperation of various architects, consultants and engineers, 6 unique industrial buildings with a gross floor area of 1 million square feet.

A project leader assisted the developer with ensuring that issues were addressed, in close consultation with municipal planners. Adopting the design build method early in the process enabled the developer to continuously adjust both the design and budget until an ultimate site plan was approved.